Signs and side effects for each power and ability it will either be a positive or negative affect, sometimes we won’t be able to identify these affects as being related to something higher. Some mistake these signs for normal health issues and ignore the signs. Not everyone has the same effects depending on what ability you have will depend on the affects it will have on your life and health.

Most will ignore them some will go to the doctors and they will prescribe medication to you and depending on the case they may even describe you to have a certain type of illness or they won’t be able to figure out what’s wrong with you, some will be described to have some type of illness mentally or classed as having depression. Some cases will be true and it will be the case, however those of you who experience abnormal things in yourself or in others around you hear, see or feel things others cant.

You are the ones who may have abilities. Many do not know they have an ability and its harder for people to identify an ability especially if it is a psychic ability until they learn how to control it or someone tells them they have an ability usually others who have an ability can explain to another.

Here are some of the side effects abilities have on your life and health: (this list is not exhaustive)


  • Getting headaches regularly, sharp or numb pains (during the day or wakes you up at night)
  • Unexplained abdominal pain
  • Frontal bone (top of eyes) in pain
  • Heart and chest, sharp or numb pains
  • Feeling very tired and lack of physical or mental energy
  • Body feels numb at times or can get very stiff
  • Muscular or bone pains often
  • Unexplained bruises / marks and sore patches on body
  • Body temperature increases or decreases to extreme temperatures quickly without explanation
  • Over sweating even while sleeping
  • Bladder and stool irregular patterns
  • Lack of sleep or over sleep often without explanation
  • Weight loss or gain without explanation
  • Hair loss or gain without explanation
  • See things unexplained or abnormal
  • Hear things unexplained or abnormal
  • Lights become brighter and causes headaches
  • Sound becomes louder and causes headaches


  • Feel things unexplained or abnormal
  • Negative thoughts / dreams often
  • Feel negative energy around you
  • Feel negative energy in other people or objects
  • Feelings of worry
  • Feelings or having panic attacks
  • High levels of anxiety
  • High levels of stress
  • Feelings of panic causing heavy breathing and racing heart
  • Constant Running of thoughts all day or for short periods of time
  • Blank mind and suddenly you realize
  • Overload your mind with things from the past or not / unlikely to happen
  • Feeling mentally drowsy which affects your body physically
  • Forgetful of things short memory suddenly
  • Memorizing things all of a sudden
  • Mind feels weak and lack of energy to do anything
  • Mind feels strong and over active to do things
  • Brain feels full of information and cant intake anymore causing headaches
  • Brain feels hungry for more knowledge and information
  • Mind feels slow and foggy at times even around others who may have abilities
  • Absorb and become involved with other peoples energy negative / positive over you own


  • Easily annoyed and irritated about things where as before it would not bother you
  • You may become arrogant without realizing
  • May feel and come across over confident or insecure
  • Mood changes from aggressive to happy quickly
  • Feel like you’re not in control of your own moods
  • Say things you would not normally say
  • Forgetful of things you said or others said
  • Speak in a different tone some sentences or words
  • Act like you already know everything
  • Think you are better or worse than everyone else


  • People unable to understand you
  • Becoming distant from family and friends
  • Becoming distant from other people, school / work / life
  • Feel like you don’t fit in or out of place
  • Feeling alone and like you’re the only one who has these experiences
  • Feel like you are more advanced of people around
  • Feel like your brain activity is different and unique
  • Don’t know what’s going on with your life
  • Always wearing dark colours
  • Most of the time you are serious
  • Like to be alone and think a lot
  • See things differently from others
  • Have different experiences in people, nature and animals

These are some of the signs and early stages to indicate you may have an ability, although most will come across negative this will be normal in the beginning as you start to tap into your abilities or your abilities reveals itself to you, some or many of these will occur.

It will be a terrifying experience as you will experience things you have never experienced before. In time and with self-push to not be afraid of these experiences and embrace yourself within it you will be able to control and handle it.

The stronger you grow in your abilities or the more you use them the stronger the side affects but there are ways of using your abilities to its full capacity and not being affected too much or recovering quickly from these affects, through practice, mediation, and most important knowledge and understanding from a teacher.

The key to all is knowledge and experiences.

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